By the waste evaporator, the industrial wastewater is evaporated under a slight vacuum.

To save energy we’ve relied since 1986 on the energy efficient process of direct vapor recompression—in process technology “water vapor” is used as a synonym for steam, which is generated during evaporation of water, for instance in a wastewater evaporator.

By the waste evaporator, the industrial wastewater is evaporated under a slight vacuum. This reduces the boiling temperature of the water. The emerging steam is compressed to ambient, normal pressure and heated up by means of a vapor compressor. The energy of the hot steam is recycled to evaporate the wastewater. Due to the energy recycling in the waste water evaporator no additional evaporation energy is required. The electrical motor of the vapor compressor is the sole energy consumer in the wastewater evaporator system. Thus this wastewater evaporator has an energy efficiency of 95%.


Focus on energy efficiency
The wastewater evaporator systems provide for optimal heat transfer from the steam to the wastewater. Also the residual heat in the distillate is used efficiently to pre-heat the wastewater entering the system. In the last 10 years the average energy consumption is reduced in our wastewater evaporator systems by 28 percent.


Wastewater Evaporator may create a zero liquid discharge production to improve quality of purified industrial wastewater and to recover valuable materials from the evaporation residue.
Wastewater Evaporator has been successfully applied to the automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, the household device and electrical industry, and specialised disposal firms from the recycling industry. Wastewater such as used coolant emulsions or rinse water from parts cleaning or electroplating can be treated cost-effectively, efficiently, and reliably in one process step using this technology.

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