• Market research

Knowing your business environment is key – no doubt. However, China moves faster than other countries, and a risk remains that the market research is quickly outdated, and the findings might not apply anymore at the time of the implementation.Therefore, we actually often successfully integrate our market research into a “smart&smooth” setup, which saves time and resources by combining the research with pre-setup functions and Customer relations directly from the very beginning.


  • Finance & Accounting

Being a sensitive and essential part of the operations in any venture, it is for SMEs often a costly and risky factor to deal with.

We offer professional licensed PRC and international Accounting Services for your firm in China.


  • HR & Talent search

Many articles have been written about the difficulty of HR management in China, about employee retention and lack of qualified workers.

Our approach lies in a very personal and company-oriented search- and selection-process, which we effect on behalf and closely with our customers.

At the core of every company’s success lie its employees; In the complex and strongly fluctuating Chinese labour market the significance of hiring the right person becomes all the more apparent.

Competent and experienced in recruitment of talents, Uspet can assist Member and Foreign Businesses in finding suitable candidates for company’s operations in China, for long term employment as well as temporary positions.

Moreover, Uspet offers employee hosting services, providing your employees with an appropriateand professional environment to carry out their tasks.

USPET aims to enhance the visibility of small and medium­sized enterprises in China. USPET Members enjoy access to various tools to promote their products and make themselves heard, read about and seen.

With years of experience in business development in China, now utilizing the unique functions and preferential reforming measures in China, USPET manages to represent products of small and medium­sized enterprises in all environment protection fields :

  • Air pollution control technologies
  • Water pollution control technologies
  • Test equipment
  • Biomass energy
  • CFD Software
  • Etc.

If USPET members become partners of UPSET, partnering agreement options is as follows :

  • Customized to your needs
  • Full sourcing, quality, engineering and manufacturing in China
  • Sourcing and quality services only
  • Sourcing supply agreement based on specific quantities of products/components

Should you decide to wait before entering China, we offer to become your right hand in China,represent your interests and work for and on behalf of your company.

From logo walls and meeting facilities up to sales representations and Board Memberships,we can on fiduciary basis help you grow and maintain your business in China.

  • Undoubtedly, a modern operation sources parts and products from all over the world these days. However, for more and more companies, the question arises

whether or not to do so with their own sourcing team, or to mandate professional services to handle the often complex procedures and relations. Through our

partner company EETC international Trading,we can source the right products for your, control the production and the goods quality, and even handle the logistics.





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