In 2015, the Water Lily WESP was successfully commissioned on two Guangyuan boilers (2×75 t/hr). The boilers the WESP was installed on burn a mixture of urban sewage sludge and coal, which produces a challenging flue gas composition, characterized by high dust concentration, a corrosive pH and significant PM2.5 content. The flue gas volume us 380,000 m3/hr. In the Guangyuan configuration, the flue gas from both boilers is cleaned by one Water Lily WESP.



On January 22, 2016, the Changzhou Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center tested the performance of the demonstration WESP. These test result data confirmed that the outlet particulate concentration was 4.2 mg/m3, with a collection efficiency of 88%, exceeding the guarantee specification. This demonstrates that the Water Lily WESP easily meets the requirement for ultra low flue gas emissions from coal fired boilers (<5mg/m3)

Photo below shows the experimental platform in EETC:



Experts from America and China:




“By using ShuiLian WESP technology, our plant can realize the ultra-low emission, which is much lower than the national standard. ”(for example, the national standard for dust emission is 20mg/m3, but ShuilLian can help to achieve to 10mg/m3).

–Mr. Zhang: General manger of Changzhou Guangyuan

“ShuiLian WESP technology help us solve the big problem of dust emission due to coal-fired thermal power plant.”

–Mr. Xie: President of Changzhou Guangyuan